As an independent company that receives no funding whatsoever, we rely on a combination of our wits and ingenuity along with support from our loyal, ever-increasing QuirkHouse 'Lodgers'.

Become a QuirkHouse Champion, Patron or Friend!
If you would like to support us in a practical way, please consider becoming one of the following:
A QuirkHouse Friend for £10 per year 
A QuirkHouse Patron for £50 per year
A QuirkHouse Champion for £100+ per year

Any of these gives preferential booking for shows, and awards complimentary programmes.

All will get our eternal love and gratitude and any and all donations are gratefully received!
Please print the form below and hand it in at any show or post it to us.

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QuirkHouse 'Lodgers'

Champions, Patrons and Friends, past and present:

Gerry & Judith Deane
Jackie Deane

Terry Chittock
Richard & Christine Stainer
Suzanne & Charlie Simpson
Jane Moss
Richard Phillips
Daphne Dyer
Julia Wakelam