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When life has lost its road map, sometimes the only way to get back on track is to get back on the rails. The Seventh Train is a ride - a road movie on railways. By turns heart-breaking, thought-provoking and hilarious, this is a life-affirming exploration of the human spirit via the British railway timetable.

"I was totally blown away. I wasn't expecting such depth and beauty in the writing."

''We loved the play; it was very well written with great acting and we're looking forward to the next QuirkHouse production."

"Now I want to get on the Seventh Train... I could, you know."

*Unfortunately, due to the latest extension of restrictions, the Eye performance has had to be cancelled. Please consider enjoying the show at one of the other great venues!

In order to reduce the risk of COVID transmission, to help those with access needs, and in an effort to be 'greener', we are offering a free downloadable programme for this show, rather than selling copies: 
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See our Productions page for booking info and the rest of our programme.
We are aware of the ongoing impact and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, and we are therefore following the available advice and working with the venues to produce these events in the safest way possible.

QuirkHouse; powered by curiosity...

QuirkHouse Theatre Company was founded in 2014 by a forever-questioning writer-musician and an ever-intrigued actor-poet, to show new writing and talent in creative ways & bring theatre to people and places that might not normally see it. An alternative professional company run on an ethical basis, QuirkHouse has no religious or political affiliation and respects the views of all; we are totally independent and unfunded, and are happy to consider supporting local causes when approached.
Our passion is to philosophise and entertain in equal measure; to ask questions of our audience that may not have occurred to them before. Important questions. Questions like 'Is it illegal to sprinkle human ashes off the top of the Eiffel Tower?' (it is), or 'What if there were no questions?'...

AJ Deane
Both of Andy's parents were drama and English teachers who inspired in him a love of both language and performing, many aspects of which he has been involved with all his life. A classically-trained singer and long-term fan of grass-roots theatre, he is fond of physical and mask work, and especially enjoys interesting and philosophical pieces that pose more questions than they answer. Predominantly working in East Anglia and London, he is co-founder of the QuirkHouse Theatre Company, Artistic Director of the Bank Arts Centre in Eye, Suffolk, & a stage actor, voice actor, director, singer and poet for hire.

Like a gunslinger but less dangerous.

Jackie Carreira
Artistic Director
Jackie is a writer, designer, and musician. British-born of Portuguese parents, she grew up in East London and lived in Lisbon briefly as a child. After travelling the world playing music for 12 years, she hung up her bass guitar and picked up a pen. She’s been writing ever since and twice been a winner of the Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama. Some of her plays are available online via and her debut novel 'Sleeping Through War' is published in February 2018.

If Jackie could have another life, she would be a full-time philosopher and get paid to ask questions all day.